Better data = Better decisions

Better data = Better decisions

Published on :- June 29th, 2021

Open data resources to help COVID relief initiatives

Can data help you sharpen your COVID relief plans?

Consider the questions you may be grappling with
  • How is the case curve and the test positivity rate looking in the districts we work in?
  • Is there data on how many people have been vaccinated in the areas we work in? Is there an estimate of how many more doses of vaccine are needed in those areas?
  • Where can we find credible awareness material in local languages across India to combat vaccine hesitancy and improve awareness around medical protocols?
Data guides can help you understand the current situation objectively and make better decisions.

Here is our collection of openly accessible resources to provide some useful answers :

1. COVID-19 Stats:

This interactive dashboard provides daily updated numbers on COVID cases, recoveries and deaths (as well as their ratio per lakh population) at national, state and district level. Also included are time series graphs that depict the trajectory of the pandemic through the last 15 months.

2. COVID Vaccination:

This useful dashboard provides daily updated figures on vaccination - doses administered, percentage of eligible population covered at national, state and district level. We have also included our analysis of quantity of vaccine doses required at each district level, calculated considering the doses administered and projected population in eligible age groups in the district.

We hope these 2 dashboards will help you make informed decisions on your COVID relief initiatives and priorities.

3. COVID Communication Resources:

Additionally, we have put together a collection of multi-lingual and multi-format communication material on topics ranging from COVID care to busting vaccine myths. For easier navigation and search, we have put up this database as an easily usable dashboard with links to the original content.

This is a dashboard based on comprehensive resource mapping of credible COVID related resources available for communication, awareness and overall engagement on the cause. One can browse through the consolidated repository and extract specific tools by topic, language, format and audience type. Apart from WHO and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the repository draw resources from various other research centres and NGOs (translated local language materials) to aid collective efforts of ecosystem in driving effective COVID communication.

4. Library of Open Data Sources:

We work extensively with public data and come across many useful open data sources during the course of our work. We have compiled such links in a dashboard, so that you don't need to spend time looking for these! You can search for thematic areas and click on the report/dashboard link to go to its original source. This is a wide-ranging comprehensive compilation of data sources, and not particularly COVID-specific.

Hope you find these resources useful. Take care and stay safe!

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