Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Published on :- October 21st, 2021

  1.  How do I access the content on IDI?

    India Data Insights (IDI) is an open data portal by Sattva Consulting. Please register on the portal here and login to access hundreds of insights - charts, interactive dashboards, data stories and toolkits - at a click!

    Note: On registration, you will receive a mail to activate your account. Activate your account by clicking on the "Activate your account" button and you are all set to access the content on IDI.

    Please check your SPAM folder if you don't see the 'Please activate your account' email in your INBOX.

  2.  Where is the data coming from? What is its validity?

    All data on the IDI portal is official data published by the Government. We refer to multiple data sources and cross-verify the data.

  3. How frequently do you update the reports/data?

    Our updates are dependent on the publishing frequency followed by the source. For example – the Census is conducted every 10 years and that is the most reliable measure of demographic data, but we also use population projections provided by the Ministry of Statistics to fill up the gaps for the years in between. CSR data is updated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs at varying frequencies; we update all our CSR reports every six months. A similar pattern is followed for the other reports. Our analysis is useful for understanding overall long-term trends and geographic nuances in detail, rather than day-to-day changes in the data points. You can think of us as providing you the ‘overall climate’ information on each theme, rather than day-to-day ‘weather’!

  1. How is this useful to us?

    Typical use cases for our data guides and analysis include:

        • CSR strategy
        • Fund allocation plan
        • Fundraising strategy
        • Programme design
        • Benchmarking during assessments: We save you the time and resources that you would otherwise spend on data search, download, processing, analysis and presentation, by providing the latest, ready-to-use data and insights.
  2. What are different products available? What is IDI RealChart/ Interact / Toolkit?

    IDI RealChart*: ready-to-use charts based on real data. On the detail page of each RealChart set, you can see all the charts included in that particular set. When you download the set, you get a .ppt (local download as well as an email attachment). The .ppt file has high-resolution images of all the charts. You can copy and paste them in any other document as you need.

    IDI Interact*: interactive dashboards connected to multiple databases. Interactive dashboards allow you to do your own analysis at the click of a button. You can conduct multi-variate analyses, create your own data views and charts that you can export as high-resolution images.

    IDI Toolkit*: a set of tools to help understand an issue in depth. Each IDI Toolkit consists of a Data Guide (.pdf document) + Charts (.ppt with high-res charts) + Dashboard (an interactive dashboard connected to multiple live databases) + Data (.xls available in select cases only). Each Toolkit comes with a price tag and needs to be bought separately. Access to interactive dashboards is available to Premium subscribers only. Other Toolkit buyers can access all other components of the Toolkit except the Dashboard.

    *Available to users upon registration.

  3.  Are there other products / services like this in the market? How is this different?

    There are other sites that provide comprehensive databases and statistics. We are able to combine Sattva’s deep experience in the social sector and data to provide actionable insights based on data.

  4. Who is producing this analysis?

    We have an in-house team of economists and data engineers who work with consulting and research teams at Sattva to produce the analysis. It is backed by analytics as well as social sector domain expertise.

  5. What kind of data / reports / analysis will be available on the portal in addition to what is already present?

    We plan to add as much data as possible at district level on most of the relevant SDGs. On the other hand, you will also get information on development finance spent in the district. We will continue to update our detailed analysis of CSR. Toolkits focusing on malnutrition, early childhood healthcare, maternal and newborn health, non-communicable diseases, water quality and digital financial inclusion will be published in 2019.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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