CSR support to Aspirational Districts

CSR support to Aspirational Districts

Published on :- December 18th, 2020

In our earlier feature on the state of aspirational districts (available here), we had analysed their progress on key areas of development – education, health and nutrition, basic infrastructure, agriculture and water resources, financial inclusion and skill development.

Here is a quick look at the CSR funding in aspirational districts:

However not all CSR spend is mapped to districts – in fact a major chunk of CSR remains unmapped at district level, though attributed to respective states. This is a huge impediment in analyzing CSR programme effectiveness and making the right decisions. There is an urgent need to improve reporting by companies as well as capturing of data on the MCA CSR portal. Currently, the picture looks like this:

Further analysis of CSR in aspirational districts is based on the spending clearly and directly attributed to the districts as per MCA data.

PSUs- companies owned by the Government – have been directed to spend 60% of their CSR in aspirational districts. PSUs currently are the biggest CSR investors in aspirational districts, but their spending has not reached the desired level as yet.

Coming to the causes that receive CSR support in aspirational districts, education is the favorite mirroring the trend of CSR overall.

Twenty crore people living in 115 aspirational districts form the bottom of our bottom of the pyramid. Their accelerated development is a crucial part of our progress towards achieving the UN 2030 sustainable development agenda.

We are working actively in collaboration with committed partners to improve funding and the state of aspirational districts. To know more about this mission and participate, write to us at impact@sattva.co.in.

Detailed report on Aspirational Districts with 70+ reusable graphs is here: Aspirational Districts

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